Noob vs Blue Monster

In this series, Noob, who everyone considers hilarious and charming, is in distress and fleeing from a giant blue monster. If Noob wants to get away from the blue monster, he must traverse the cliffs or face serious consequences. Hey, come on, lend a hand to Noob and assist him in reaching the statue door in the end. Assist him in getting out of the situation in which he finds himself. Join Noob and the Blue Monster on their amazing trip. On our site, you can find many games as fun as this one. They have different gameplay but bring you the best gaming experience ever. Some of the best choices you should check out are Air Strike - War Plane Simulator and Martial Arts: Fighter Duel at

Instructions: WD to move & Arrow Keys to move. Mobile Touch Control. Double jump is active in the game. Caught the blue monster, pass the obstacles and reach the door.