Survival 456 But It Impostor

Do you enjoy the game Challenge Survival 456? Or perhaps you enjoy Impostor Crewmate? Become a part of Survival 456 with us. However, this is an impostor game. Is it possible to be satisfied by combining two excellent theme games? It's ancient, but it's gold! This red light people game is now accessible on cellphones, allowing you to play it anywhere, at any time. You will be able to play not just the red and green light games, but also four more famous and iconic games. 

It's simple to play, but not so simple to win.The following modes are now accessible in their entirety: lights in red and green. The Bridge of Glass Combat mode: -Zombies mode Rope rescue-Dalgona sweets-Tug of War Marbles If you enjoy the Survival 456 But It's an Impostor game, please give us a five-star rating and leave a comment below. Your continued support motivates us to continue developing even better goods in the future.

Your motion supervisor is now a sweetheart. Attempt to reach the finish line as quickly as possible without being recognized by the doll. You must strive to sprint quickly and make contact with the wall, since only the first five people to cross the finish line will live. If you do not place in the top five, the worst will happen to you. The counting pace of the doll will fluctuate on a regular basis, sometimes extremely swiftly and sometimes quite slowly. You'll need the quickness and dexterity of this terrifying doll when it comes to rhythm counting. Or, to put it another way, you must move stealthily but fast to cross the finish line.

Have fun and if you have free time, why don’t you explore other games such as I'm a skateman and at ?

Instructions: How to play Survival 456 But It's Impostor game: - Touch the player to move - Run fast while the doll is counting - Stand still when the doll turns its head -Be one of the 5 people to finish first - The game will end if you reach the finish line late and let the red light see you move