Looking for some "ninja games" to play when you're bored? The perfect ninja game for adults and kids! Everyone will enjoy playing this game! No matter whether you are an experienced gamer or you simply love to play games from time to time, you will find this addictive game very amusing, and you'll enjoy playing it! Ninja is an amazing and cool game in which you play as a ninja who has set a goal to be very steep and collect as many coins as possible. How much will you be able to run? Be careful, because on your path will be dangerous thorns and enemies.

Prove that you are the best ninja! Ninja is the best runner game for passing the time. easy to control, swipe, run as fast as you can, miss saws and blades, and collect more points. Test your reaction time. In this epic arcade runner game, you must become the best ninja warrior. A perfect time-killer adventure for your device. Besides, if you want to play more games as enjoyable as this one, you can try out the following options: Cash Gun Rush and Sauna Run at

Instruction: Tap your finger to move the ninja left or right. Save the ninja from obstacles. Collect more and more coins. Have a great time on your journey. Run as fast as you can to avoid the enemies' ninjas. Get high scores. 


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