Rainbow Tsunami

With one single command in this game, you may decide the destiny of your squad and defend them from spooky rainbows. In order to get your people underneath powerful equipment, save lives, grow your organization, and leverage the might of your numbers, They follow your every move, so lead them by holding up your hat and showing them the way! By holding to jump, you can watch your followers leap after you with a short delay.

Avoid the explosives and other traps since they instantly cost you a friend. Don't allow the difficulties to get you down; keep your group safe. The rainbows are awaiting your first error before robbing your companions. Aim your team's attacks towards the taps to create new routes for them by keeping an eye out for their strikes. As you advance with each try, set new records together! Be tested by various tracks in every game; learn to deal with variations; and conquer this infinite run! Have a great day and make sure you check out other games such as Besties on Wednesday at mini games