2020 Plus

2020 Plus is the latest version of this classic block puzzle game. Your task is to strategically place groups of three randomly formed blocks on the board so that they fill complete rows or columns. Once you have placed all three blocks, three new blocks will appear. As soon as a row or column is completely filled, the blocks placed in it get cleared. Each completed row or column will also give you points. Play 2020 Plus now for free and experience the most addictive version of this endless puzzle game ever! Keep in mind that on our site, besides tons of games are available, you always have new games to explore. Some cool options for you are Bird Sort Puzzle and Bubble Shooter Treasure Rush at miniclip puzzle games

Instruction: Delete multiple rows or columns at the same time or in a row to earn bonus points. The game will be over when there is no more space left to place a block. Get the highest score possible, try to unlock medals and achievements, and beat your high scores.