Match Pictures To Words

All you have to do now is match the pictures to the appropriate phrases. How to Play: It's a really basic and intuitive game to play... Simply click on a picture with your mouse, then drag & drop it over the correct Word! If you do things correctly, you will receive a congratulations message. If you do things incorrectly, you will receive an error message. 

There are two game modes available to you: Simple: You can go back and forth in the game whenever you want, so you can play without tension! It's a great game for kids. Normal: You have three lives in this mode, and you must accurately match the photos to the words or you will lose the game! So pay close attention! This fantastic word matching game is ideal for children or anyone who likes word matching games. Two game modes are available: Easy and Normal. -Extremely user-friendly user interface. -Fantastic sound effects and music for kids. -The gameplay is quite simple. This is a fantastic word match game.

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Controls: Use your Mouse to play.



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