Knock Em All

Knock'em All is a fun game with simple gameplay and content, but it has a realistic physics system in every detail to keep players entertained. In almost every level, players must knock down every dummy target that approaches them while perfectly completing every objective. Not only that, but the graphics and many other features are vivid and humorous, allowing players to enjoy moments of suffocation and tension. The goal is to shoot at the dummies and defeat them before throwing them into the abyss. Will you be able to make it? Besides, if you want to play more games as enjoyable as this one, you can try out the following options: Stickman vs Huggy Wuggy and Brave Adventure at miniclip action games

Instruction: - Win: The player succeeds to kill all the dummies and enter the final platform. - The dummies can be killed directly by a headshot. - The dummies can be killed by being pushed out of the building (shoot on the body). - The dummies can be killed by the bombs on the ground. - The dummies can be killed by the lightning (shoot on the body or head). Loss: The player fails to shoot all the dummies and is caught by dummies.