2048: Puzzle Classic

All ages may enjoy and unwind with the game 2048. The objective of the game is to reach tile 2048. The game is over when you reach tile number 2048! This is a traditional rendition of the popular 2048 game. In the options, you may switch between several animation speeds. You can also reset your individual statistics and toggle sound effects on and off. Besides, if you want to play more games as enjoyable as this one, you can try out the following options: Merge Harvest and Infinite Heroes at https://miniclipgames.games/

Instruction: Click "New Game" to start a new game. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the tiles. Alternatively, you can use your fingers or mouse to drag tiles in a certain direction. When two tiles with the same value collide, they merge into a new size with double the value. Once you get to 2048, you've won the game!