Taxi City

Taxi City on miniclipgames is a driving simulator game in which you play as a modern taxi driver delivering passengers around a remote huge city filled with hotels, skyscrapers, and missing individuals wandering the streets. After all, our game hero uses a mobile Taxi app to obtain customers, just like a modern driver - not sure whether taxi-driver (due to co-drive) - does.

Do you wonder how and why our hero ended up in this position? Simply put, like the majority of young people, he has had a strong urge to drive as much as possible since obtaining his driver's license at a young age. So he went out and bought a car (on lease, of course), registered with the Taxi app, and got to work. 

And this is when the major story begins: when the game hero must make enough money to pay off his car's installments, as well as the car's operating costs and other living expenses. However, it is mostly for the purpose of tuning current vehicles and purchasing newer, more luxurious, and faster vehicles that are more enjoyable to drive.

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