Mini Shooters

Mini Shooters is a fantastic top-down shooter that you should not miss if you enjoy action-packed shooter games.There are 30 levels in total in this amazing Each level takes you to a map and needs you to kill a certain amount of monsters.

As soon as you kill all enemies you need to kill without running out of HP, you move to the next level. Of course, enemies won’t stay still and wait for you to kill them. They will approach you and attack you hardly. You should cover yourself to avoid getting damaged. When you get shot, you lose some HP. However, you always can recover your HP by finding and collecting medkits

This game, like others on, allows you to purchase in-game stuff. Killing foes earns you money. When you have enough cash, you will be able to modify your default name, unlock additional skins, and do other things. Although it is a 2D shooting game, it nonetheless provides the shooting feeling seen in other realistic shooting games, and it is worthwhile to play.

The gameplay is basic and straightforward, but you may occasionally lose. A red arrow will appear on the map. It indicates that an adversary is approaching you. Look at these arrows to help you locate foes and kill them faster. Enjoy your day, and here are some things you shouldn't miss: Drunken Slap Wars and Parkour Climb