Death Squad: The Last Mission

Welcome to Death Squad: The Last Mission which is an amazing first-person 3D shooting game at You and your team will fight a fierce battle and finish the final task. The enemy hit your helicopter. Fortunately, you were survived from the crashed helicopter, but you can't take it lightly. Waves of enemies are approaching. Each wave you have 20 seconds to prepare, check ammunition, collect booty guns, can you complete the task? Let's wait and see.

In this game, you play as a soldier in a team that has survived. However, you need to stand your ground against the soldiers who are coming to get you. Together with your team, you must hold your position for as long as possible. You have a limited number of bullets left, so be cautious. At the beginning, there will be a 20 second warm-up, so be prepared for that. You can then get up to 12 different awards based on the difficulty you’re playing at. Start playing and don’t stop till you succeed!

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Good luck. Hope you are one of the unstoppable Death Squad!


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