Afrfrway on miniclip games online is a game of action and adventure. Wreak havoc on the roadway in the third installment of the exhilarating car-hopping classic! To get points, drive rapidly, obstruct oncoming traffic, collide with other vehicles, and hop between vehicles. To get the most points, do stunts and chain stunts. If you cause too much damage to the automobile you're driving, you'll lose a life and eventually the game. That is why, in this crazy concrete jungle, you must transfer automobiles frequently and exercise caution. Give this fast-paced automobile game a go and see how far you can get in Afrfrway!

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Controls: A/D or the Left-Right arrow keys are used to steer. Nitro-Up arrow key or W S or Down arrow key to get to the roof. While on the roof, the A/D or the Left/Right arrow keys are used to change cars. Enter the new vehicle with the S or Down arrow keys (after jumping on another car).