Magic Mahjong

Magic Mahjong is an interesting puzzle game that you can play here on miniclip games for online. Take the challenge in this delightful Magic Mahjong variant! Find and click identical tiles to remove them. In this game you will play with a vertical screen. This game has 50 levels, each level is a challenge for you. In each level, you will select two identical tiles to remove them. Are you ready?

The interesting point in this game is that colored tiles can be matched event if they are not identical. In each level at, you will have limited move. If you can not complete the level with this move, you will lose. Each time you remove identical tiles, you get points. Try to get as many points as you can. Note: You only have 3 minutes to complete each level or you will lose.

Also, you have the skills such as change all identical, Hints ... you can use them to overcome difficult situations. Besides, sometime on the map will appear special items such as timer, bombs ...

There are countless games with different themes available to you today. In addition, you can also expand your game world with numerous other similar games like Match 4.


Use the mouse to play this game