Fantasy Avatar Anime Dress Up

Like manga or anime girl dress-up games? Sure you do! And what you've really missed is fantasy dress up in the style of a Role Playing Game! The cutest anime girls are looking for a good RPG fan to dress them up. Now you can make your own character and become a cool doll designer. The avatar maker's full body is completely free. Fashion anime games for girls without any purchases! Among the 300+ items are fighting warriors, knights and paladins, archers and rangers, berserkers, thief, assassins, rogues, monks or martial artists, priests and healers, mage and wizard druids, anime princesses, and even summoners and necromancers.

Mix them up, and dress up your cute girl. Come see this gorgeous RPG character creator if you're addicted to manga-inspired clothing games! My six girlfriends all have unique faces, eyes, skin tones, and body shapes. Have a great experience and make sure you check out other games because so many awesome options to discover such as Valentines Matching Outfits and The Besties Tattooist at