War Of Tanks Paper Note

War Of Tanks: Paper Note on Miniclip Games is a competitive game that you may play with a friend or by yourself, with choices for "1 player" and "2 player." There are three possible levels that will emerge at random under the "1 Player" option. Each level has five targets that you must destroy. 

The lasers will turn on each time you destroy a target, allowing you to go on to the next one. Your tank will explode if you touch the laser without killing the target, and you will have to start over. On the map, you can see the destinations as well as the end point. There are a total of 20 levels in the "2 Player" option. You are free to play as many games as you want and compete against a friend in random levels. Use the extras available in all levels to make the game even more enjoyable. Have a blast!

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FOR 1 PLAYER Move: WASD Fire: SPACE FOR 2 PLAYER Purple Tank: Move: WASD Fire: SPACE Green Tank: Move: ARROW KEYS Fire: M