is a unique multiplayer io game that you can play here on miniclip games free online. The graphics are blocky and reminiscent of Minecraft and the gameplay is really fun - it is possible to create a huge mob and dominate the arena, crushing anything standing in your path! Have fun!

Here at, you start with a number of mobs (soldiers) under your command. They’ll follow wherever you tell them to go. The number of your mob will grow when you successfully kill other living beings (mobs and animals). The bigger your mob number, the better. It’s also a matter of survival as everyone will try to defend and attack you. As you earn money for defeating other mobs, you can unlock new units and improve the strength of your own mob. Can you create the largest mob and conquer the land?

Players can also share the experience of participating in this game with friends and draw the latest experiences in other similar games such as and Too Many Cooks


Hold left mouse button to move

Right click to use ultimate ability