Poke the Penguin

Poke the Penguin is an amazing platform game that you can play here on Miniclip game unblocked. In this one, you will control a hand only. The game allows you to use this hand and make fun of the Penguin that is sitting within the screen. Have fun poking the penguin in this game now, surprising endings are awaiting you!

After the first few times of your poke, the penguin seems like he does not really care. Do not give up since you may have a long way ahead to go in this game at https://miniclipgames.games/. At the time when you realize that the penguin does not move when you poke him, you have to keep on poking until he responds to you. It is very fun and interesting to see that little creature responding to you in a particularly violent way, such as shooting a Blunderbuss or crushing with a hammer.

In addition, we also suggest giving players some special games that you can't forget like Run Race 3D and Pou Shave Time. Games with the same theme will have similar gameplay. Can you find the difference?


Use the mouse to poke


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