Noob Miner: Escape from prison

Therefore, you must labor at the mine because Noob is in jail. Get supplies, get new weapons, consume cakes, detonate everything with dynamite, and figure out how to escape from jail. You may discover many sorts of resource buyers and sellers throughout the game, including: a sizable map with undiscovered resources Two distinct endings and two escape routes are available. You may improve a Noob character. You can mine the generator to extract additional materials. How quickly can you get away? Besides, many interesting games are available for free on our site. Feel free to play. Some of the best options are Devil Cry and Monster School Challenge 3 at

Instruction: Your mission is to escape from the prison by destroying the walls! Movement, for mobile: Right Joystick-Move Right Joystick-Block Destruction Tap on the screen in an empty place -Install the block For PC: WASDArrows-Move LCM-Destruction of blocks PCM-Install the block E-Inventory or store open ESC-Pause