Break Bricks 2 Player

Destroy bricks with cubes! Throw the ball and let the game begin. Fall under the spell of colorful bricks. The balls destroy every cube they touch. You will encounter different shapes in each section. You have a total of three rights in the single-player game. In the game for two people, you fight with your opponent for five rounds. You can see three different bonuses given to help you. One of the bonuses provides an increase in the number of balls. The other bonus is that it generates three new balls.

Finally, there is a bonus for filling up your health bar. Try to catch these bonuses. When you are alone, click the 1 player button. If you want to spend fun minutes with your friends, click the 2-player button. Play freely in endless mode. Hours of fun are waiting for you in the 3D brick-breaking game. Let's play the game! Have a great experience and make sure you check out other games because so many awesome options to discover such as Grass Cutting Puzzle and 2048 Lines at Miniclip puzzle games

Instruction: click to play