Bitcoin Man Madness

Everyone is aware of bitcoin as a new crypto currency trend, but now they will be able to play bitcoin man in a cheeky shooting environment where they will be able to roam around in a decentralized space where fiat currency values must be pegged to the bullish market trend of bitcoin, and you will see all the bull flag action here. Bitcoin Man Madness on Miniclip games is a fun game for bitcoin enthusiasts and holders, with plenty of action for players of all ages. Let’s start and have fun. If you want to enjoy more games, tons of different choices await you on our site. Seek for what you like or click on Super Friday Night vs Neon and Penguins Jump Escape at , then enjoy it.

Instructions: WASD/Arrows Move Mouse Aim Space/J Jump or ascend or drift LMB/Z Fire RMB/X Grenade or descend MouseWheel/Q/E Change weapon A Jump / ascend / drift Right Trigger/Shoulder/X Fire Left Trigger/Shoulder/B Grenade or descend Left/Right Change weapon Left Shift Button Activate Bullish Time Y Enter/Exit