Zombie Catcher Online

Join the small extraterrestrial in his pursuit of all zombies. The lab's zombies have all escaped, and you've been recruited to collect them all and return them to the cage. Travel across numerous worlds using your weapon, jetpack, and brains to hunt down zombies and lure them into the trap. You must act quickly or the zombies will flee your rifle range. Collect money to improve your speed, jetpack, and weapon power while hunting zombies of all kinds. Hope you have fun and make sure you discover more games on our site. To help you save time, here are some of the best choices for you Monsters Attack Impostor Squad and Super Marius World at https://miniclipgames.games/

Instructios: Move forward, back and throw the brains with the keyboard arrows, Shoot with the spacebar key. On mobile devices and tablets use the game buttons. 


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