Sniper Reloaded

Sniper Reloaded is a 3D sniper game on Mini clip games.

You’ll need to stay focused and keep a cool head in order to take down all of your targets in this action-packed online game. Your ammo is limited and your health is too, so you’ll need to keep an eye on both while you shoot to kill.

You are going to the enemy's base in different maps and shoot all of them. It's not safe to go close to them, so you have to find a good place where is easy to hide. And then aim at them from the high and far place. Can you complete the mission with full health to earn 3 stars? Good luck! 

In addition, we also suggest giving players some special games that you can't forget like Zombie Disaster. Games with the same theme will have similar gameplay. Can you find the difference?

How To Play Sniper Reloaded: LMB to shoot, RMB to aim.