Inferno. Meltdown

So you've always dreamed of being a firefighter? Now is your opportunity to shine! Assume the role of a robotic firefighter and battle infernos in a variety of venues across town, including the bowling alley, the theater, and the gasworks. The gameplay is incredibly flammable and explosive. There are also exploding oil drums and gasoline pumps. Sprinklers to assist in putting out the fire. Fans that transmit the fire through the air ducts to neighboring places. There are people to save. With the coins you acquire on the levels, you may upgrade your firebot. As you play, the stages truly burn down!

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Instructions: Cursor Keys/WASD to move around, jump, and climb ladders. Space to drop a sprinkler. Use your mouse to aim your hose and spray the fire. Point your hose down and then spray and jump up to use your hose as a jetpack! If you see a fan switch, spray it to disable the fans! Press R to restart a level. Press Q to change quality.