Hen Coops

Hen Coops is an extremely fun online game that you can play here on miniclip two player. In the game, you will face four chickens including a rooster and three hens. First, the rooster will tell you the location of the egg. After that, it will swap positions of the hens. Your task is to find the location of the egg.

The faster you finish the level the more points you get. Interesting point of this game at https://miniclipgames.games/ is the time clock. Once the rooster swaps the position of the hens, the clock will count down. Over time you have not guessed, you will be "game over". In addition, the game has an online leaderboard to honor the highest score players in the game. Have a good time!

Since the game is available for free, therefore, kids of all ages can replay the game over and over again until when they reach the perfect sample and design. Keep exploring more new games with Playground Mahjong


The gameplay is very simple, you just use the mouse to select which chicken is hiding the egg.


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