Baby Adopter

Baby Adopter on Miniclip free game is a babysitting, nursery, and dress-up game for those who enjoy caring for small children. Adopt and care for a lovely baby! Feed, dress, shoe, and toy your pet, and look after it. You must feed your infant when he or she is hungry. The baby must have 30 kilocalories of energy. Also, do not allow your child to become ill... Baby Adopter's goal is to achieve this. Locations in the game. Another objective is to look into and buy products for the Baby Room, Bathroom, Playground, Playroom, Family Room, Game Center, Music Room, and other areas. Also, buy all the toys. Hunt for eggs. Another objective is to search, find, collect, and finish the tiny trophy creature collection.

You must search for eggs, hunt for them, crack and hatch them, and then own the creatures that are within. The eggs can be found in various game places at random. After each crack, you must wait before moving on to the next one. After three cracks, the egg will hatch. The previously cracked egg can be found in the same spot. Karma is a metric that measures how far you've progressed in the game and how much fun you've had. After 100 days, the baby will develop (after acquiring clothes and shoes). Egg Match and Free Cell are two mini games that might help you collect points faster. Have fun

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